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SchnellNet Home

SchnellNet's Backbone Network

SchnellNet has the world's largest backbone network. We also peer with everybody at everywhere.* In fact, we peer directly with your personal computer, since our Cisco 26000000 routers can hold enough routes to map directly with every IPv4, IPv6 or IPv8-dual cylinder device in the universe.

Our Terrestrial Backbone:

US/International Peering Points:

  • MAE East/Tyson's Corner, VA
  • MAE West/San Jose, CA
  • Ameritech AADS/Chicago, IL
  • Pac Bell NAP/San Francisco, CA
  • Sprint NAP/Pennsauken, NJ
  • Neutral NAP/McLean, VA
  • MAE Dallas/Dallas, TX
  • MAE LA/Los Angeles, CA
  • LIX (London Internet eXchange)/London, UK
  • EUNAP (European Union NAP)/Brussels, Belgium
  • VNAP (Vancouver NAP)/Vancouver, British Columbia, CA
  • AlohaX (Hawaii eXchange)/Ewa Beach, Oahu, HI
  • HKNAP/Hong Kong, China
  • InterMel/Melbourne, Australia
  • CyberSiber/Novosibirsk, Siberia, RU
  • QuadaffiNAP/Tripoli, Libya
  • VANexchange/Palumanutanuvaasu, Vanuatu
  • Some Guy's Token Ring Office LAN/Karamakaplakastan, Kablooiestan, CIS

Our Solar Backbone:

Intrastellar/Interstellar Peering Points:

  • MAE Mars/Mons Olympus, Mars
  • MAE Neptune/Coriolis, Neptune
  • MAE Jupiter/Io, Jupiter
  • MAE Sol/Flare #445967821, The Sun
  • MAE Comet/Comet Hitaku/Barr (note: full connectivity only available every 1,476 years during closest pass to sun)
  • MAE Asteroid Belt/Asteroid ML44678 (note: SDSL not available from this POP)
  • MAE Saturn/Ring #6, Saturn (note: BISDN will be upgraded to OC-6933 in June, 1996)

* Note: "Peering with Everybody at Everywhere" does not include UUnet, SprintLink, Cable & Wireless, GTEi/Verizon, PSInet, AT&T, AOL, AboveNet/NetAccess, Exodus, NetFail, ZipLink, CRL, CAIS, RCN, Globix, Rocky Mountain Internet, Prodigy, GEnie, Freenet, Napster, e-mail, FTP, or anything else that isn't IMAP connections to AGIS.