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Welcome to the world's premier ISP for people with more money than sense.

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Other Useful Links

  • The official Computer Stupidities home page. Hundreds of great tech support stories about people who shouldn't be allowed to operate metal spoons, let alone computers.

Why the World Needs Another Underfunded ISP

Specifically, SCHNELL.NET is different because of its founder, president, overlord and guiding light, Jeffrey Carl. In addition to being the non-benevolent dictator of SCHNELL.NET, Jeff has written a bunch of other crap for places ranging from Boardwatch Magazine to Slashdot.

That all being said, SCHNELL.NET is the most important development in the history of the Internet because it allows you, the unsuspecting public, to send me money.

For more information on how to send me money, send me e-mail at or check out my home page.

Looking for the joke?

Have a nice day.

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