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New Technical Supporting Procedure Now!

All technical supporting! Now will be done! If any question asked, answers will be "All yuor base now belong to us!" Is good. You know what you doing!

I can't take credit for this, since it's something I found that's far more hilarious than I could have come up with. Once in a while, you come upon something that you find incredibly funny, yet you have absolutely no idea why. And when you try to explain it to people why you find it so funny, they look at it, nod, and tell you "Yeah, it's hilarious" while they work out a way to get their cell phone and call a mental institution for a "pickup order" before you get violent on them. This is one of those things.

Once upon a time, there was a Japanese video game called "Zero Wing." The game itself is pretty unremarkable; you fly a ship, blow stuff up, blah blah blah.

What is remarkable is that when the intro to the game was translated to English for use in the U.S., the translation was TERRIBLE. The English version of the game intro is below:

Thanks to "Schpyder" of the Ars Technica bulletin boards for this graphic.

This has, over time, sparked off a useless yet amazingly funny pastime among computer dorks to create the funniest possible images incorporating these lines. Much of this appears using the line "all yuor base are belong to us;" since the original doesn't include the misspelling of "your," I'm not sure where this mutation came from. However, since it's somehow much funnier, I'm using it wherever possible.

As a result, various people with too much free time have posted the following on the Internet:

The History

A well-documented history of the "All Your Base" phenomenon is here

The Movie

And, if you're looking for true hilarity (and have a broadband connection), there's a QuickTime movie version of the intro with some great voiceover work. Find it here.

The Music Video

And, recently, someone out there has come up with a truly hilarous Flash-format music video. It rocks.

The Pictures

..and my personal favorite:


So, despite the fact that I have no actual free time to speak of, I've decided to enrich the Internet's content by adding a few new graphics of my own below, set to various news pictures. Enjoy:

Where Credit is Due...

I found all this through the original discussion (which includes many more links and images) of the topic here and here on the Ars Technica messageboards.